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Program Resources

  • Free Courses and Workshops on various topics

  • Course durations from 8 -16 weeks

  • Flexible Schedules

  • Courses taught in Spanish

  • Support Groups and Wellness Classes

  • Case Management

  • Assistance with applications

At the end of each program, participants receive a Basic Training Certificate of Vocational Empowerment and Entrepreneurship.


The Hispanic Women's Resource Center has three objectives:

  1. DISCOVER - Maximize the talents and skills of Morris County Latina Women.

  2. LEARN - Explore new career development opportunities.

  3. TAKE OVER THE FUTURE - Provide an environment full of opportunities and resources.

Program Sponsor

CEM is sponsored by the NJ Department for Children and Families - NJ Division of Women.  Through Latino Action Network Foundation

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Maria Rojas Botero, Program Director


99 Basset Hwy, Dover, NJ 07801

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