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Defending Immigrants' Rights

Through our Center for Citizenship and Legal Immigration, MCOHA defends immigrants of diverse ages, nationalities, and situations inside and out of the courtroom through critical legal representation and assistance, education, and advocacy.

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Every day, in immigration courthouses and around the neighborhoods of the Morris County area, we advocate for the rights of Hispanic and low-income families and individuals.

Providing Low-Cost Critical Legal Representation

Navigating the U.S. Immigration system is complicated, at best. Inside and outside the courtroom, our expert immigration attorneys work to provide clients with the best legal defense, while guiding them through their process in a compassionate way. We stand by, represent, and defend immigrants through family petitions, DACA processes, Asylum claims, assistance for Unaccompanied Minors and Removal Proceedings, Citizenship/Naturalization, assistance for Survivors of Domestic Violence and other violent crimes, Waivers, and many more. 

Educating and Advocating

Our team goes beyond providing critical legal services and further defends immigrants by informing and educating them, and advocating for them in the community. The attorneys go out to the community and participate in Know Your Rights forums and DACA panels, among others. Furthermore, we offer citizenship classes and work with clients directly to foster and provide support in seeking tutoring and pursuing Higher Education.

Accessing Key Opportunities and Resources

Through the Center for Citizenship and Legal Immigration, Immigrants of different nationalities, ages, and situations get access to more than just high-quality legal representation. Our expert teams take the time to identify other opportunities and resources that clients could benefit from, and try their best to assist them however possible to ensure they become well-adjusted and thriving individuals. 

By The Numbers

Every day, MCOHA works in courtrooms and communities to improve the lives of thousands of Low-income individuals and families in Morris County and beyond, every year. Our direct approach to provide representation and access to legal and social services allows us to understand the everchanging needs of our clients — providing us with a unique perspective from which to begin tackling the systemic barriers that keep them from thriving.


Low-income families are assisted each year through our Programs.


 Clients Aided by the Center for Citizenship and Legal Immigration.


Children and Senior Citizens engaged through our Justice for All program and our Senior Citizens Group "Corazones Contentos."


Latina women positively impacted by the HWRC.


Low-income families are assisted yearly through our Home Energy Assistance and Weatherization Programs.

A contribution to MCOHA is about more 

than money.

With every donation, you can be part of making a difference in the lives of thousands of Latinx and Low-Income individuals by providing access to essential resources like food, keeping their homes safe and warm, and achieving their goals to become self-sufficient.

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