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Educating Our Community

We believe that education is critical to the empowerment of individuals and the community, and strive to minimize the educational gap that affects minorities and low-income individuals. That is why we are committed to educating throughout different initiatives and projects.

Canva - Family Preparing Crepes Together

Get Help Now

Every day, in immigration courthouses and around the neighborhoods of the Morris County area, we advocate for the rights of Hispanic and low-income families and individuals.

Combating Educational Inequality

Different social and economic factors that are completely out of the control of the individuals can affect their education level. That is why MCOHA is actively working on the front lines in the community to give individuals access to critical opportunities and resources that can help them achieve their academic goals. 

Providing Assistance with School and Higher Education

Clients who are interested in improving their academic levels, and or pursuing higher education, can count on MCOHA to help them achieve their goals. We provide after-school tutoring to children and assistance in applying to higher education programs and institutions through our Justice For All program, which aims to help children and families become connected with the community resources that address their needs. Furthermore, we provide low-cost citizenship classes that prepare the students with the tools they need to succeed.

Keeping them Up To Date With Relevant Information

Keeping the Morris County community informed constitutes a growing part of the work we do. We partner with local organizations and authorities to create informational forums open to all. Furthermore, we bring the ever-changing relevant information directly to our clients through our direct services and keep them readily available in our offices.

By The Numbers

Every day, MCOHA works in courtrooms and communities to improve the lives of thousands of Low-income individuals and families in Morris County and beyond, every year. Our direct approach to provide representation and access to legal and social services allows us to understand the everchanging needs of our clients — providing us with a unique perspective from which to begin tackling the systemic barriers that keep them from thriving.


Low-income families are assisted each year through our Programs.


 Clients Aided by the Center for Citizenship and Legal Immigration.


Children and Senior Citizens engaged through our Justice for All program and our Senior Citizens Group "Corazones Contentos."


Latina women positively impacted by the HWRC.


Low-income families are assisted yearly through our Home Energy Assistance and Weatherization Programs.

A contribution to MCOHA is about more 

than money.

With every donation, you can be part of making a difference in the lives of thousands of Latinx and Low-Income individuals by providing access to essential resources like food, keeping their homes safe and warm, and achieving their goals to become self-sufficient.

Canva - Aerial Shot Of Town Photo by Bru
Canva - Photo Of Children Near Lake Phot
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