Center For Citizenship and Legal Immigration

The Center for Citizenship and Legal Immigration (CCLI) provides low-cost immigration consultations and services to assist immigrants in obtaining lawful status, applying for citizenship, and defending against deportation.

These services may include Family Petitions, Adjustment of Status, Waivers, Asylum, Citizenship/Naturalization, Assistance for Unaccompanied minors with removal proceedings, Assistance for Survivors of Domestic Violence and other violent crimes, among others.


How To Get Help

Get in Touch

To get help with an immigration matter, whether for removal defense or for another type of immigration matter, or with concerns about how the Public Charge or COVID-19 may affect your immigration process, simply contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our Immigration Attorneys. 

The Center for Citizenship and Legal Immigration can be contacted in the following ways:

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*By requesting to book a consultation, you are simply requesting information. Your appointment is not scheduled until it is confirmed by the CCLI. 

Important Things To Know

Resources are also available for Undocumented people during the COVID-19 crisis.

USCIS will be closed until at least May 3, 2020.

Everyone can and should get tested for COVID-19, regardless of their immigration status.

Calculate easily if you are eligible to receive your stimulus check, and how much you should expect

We are compiling the most up to date information and resources for clients during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

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