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Careers & Opportunities

Be a part of something bigger and join us at MCOHA to make a direct change in the front lines of the fight for social justice.

We are committed to a work culture of zealous advocacy, respect, diversity and inclusion, client-oriented defense, access to justice, and excellent representation.


Opportunities at MCOHA

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Apply to join our team today and take the first step to become part of something bigger.

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Get hands-on, real-life experience in a nurturing work environment.

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Let's join forces to make a bigger impact in the community we serve.

Law Firm


Use your expertise and services so people can get access to the help they need.

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Whether it's for a specific event or for the long run, sign up to our volunteer list and help others. 

Have Specific Questions?

Directly contact the department you are interested in, and we will do our best to reply as soon as possible. Information regarding our physical locations is available below.


Interested In Other Ways Of Getting Involved?

Here are some other ways you can help:

  • Consider donating money or critical resources.

  • Advocate for our work and spread the word. 

A contribution to MCOHA is about more 

than money.

With every donation, you can be part of making a difference in the lives of thousands of Latinx and Low-Income individuals by providing access to essential resources like food, keeping their homes safe and warm, and achieving their goals to become self-sufficient.

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