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Programa de Asistencia de Climatización

Este programa tiene como objetivo ayudar a las personas mayores, discapacitadas y de bajos ingresos a climatizar sus hogares, mejorar la eficiencia de su sistema de calefacción y conservar energía.


Incluye Aislamiento de Áticos, pisos y paredes; Sustitución o reparación de sistemas de calefacción; Burletes o calafateo.

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Veteran Family

This resource list was researched and composed by Kay Williams.


Kay Williams is a student intern at Morris County Organization for Hispanic Affairs (MCOHA) in Dover, NJ. She is graduating with her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work this spring at Saint Elizabeth University. Her long-term goals and passion are to work with the Veteran and Military populations. To a degree, Kay understands veteran and military life because she comes from a military family. Kay is inspired to become a social worker for the veteran and military communities because of her father’s valiant service in the Armed Forces.


Once MCOHA’s Executive Director, Marcela Lenox, learned of Kay’s passion for this community she tasked Kay with making an active resource list for MCOHA to use to better refer their veterans. Kay called multiple organizations and programs in order to construct this list with the most up-to-date information. She hopes that this resource list will continue to grow and that these resources will spread to effectively close the service delivery gaps for the Morris County Veteran population.

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